Bathing by Prescription

A prescription is not required for phillydogspot to use a shampoo supplied by a veterinarian while servicing a pet in the salon. A prescription form is required to receive the prescription rate for bathing.

Prescription bathing Policy

Our prescription bathing program was created to give owners of dogs with diagnosed skin problems a way to affordably and successfully treat those problems which they might not be able to otherwise have time to effectively treat at home or the means to professionally treat.

One of the main reasons that many skin conditions linger is the lack of consistent treatment. Often it takes daily then weekly shampoos to heal skin problems and many times owners simply fail to keep up with the medicated baths. Our aim is to be the option for success in treating these issues.

All dogs must have our prescription form filled out by a licensed veterinarian. A prescription shampoo is not required, but if not present an alternative suggestion is needed so that we can effectively select a shampoo.

Pricing is based on the completion of an entire series (what is defined in the prescription before “then as needed”)  of baths. The price for the series is to be paid up front. If additional baths are needed, they can be purchased in weekly increments. We will not refund money for unused baths; make up baths will be at the discretion of phillydogspot.

Contagious skin conditions require specific disinfection protocols. We need to book dogs with these conditions as the last appointment of the night until your vet feels your dog is no longer a threat to other dogs in our care.


Daily baths (6 or 7)DYI- Includes one professional nail trim.

One Week- $35               Two Weeks- $60

Daily Baths(6 or 7) Drop Off- Includes one nail trim & administration of ear medicine if required

One Week- $50                Two Weeks-$90

Two or Three baths per week- Includes nails trimmed once per week

DYI- $6 each

Drop Off- $10 each (includes ear cleaning)

Once a week standing appointments

DYI- $10 (includes nail trim)

Drop Off- $15 (Includes nail trim, ear cleaning, tooth brushing, anal glands)


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