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We offer both radical and restorative coat coloring services to give your dog a distinct look. We use several different methods to achieve the perfect look.

Coat Restoration is possible for older dogs who have gone grey, who have sun-damaged hair or have a coat color that is not vivid enough.

Radical dying is great for holidays, to express individual style or just for fun.

Color cost:
Tips of ears and tail : $5
Shading or enhanced natural coat color: $20-$50
Full Body Color: $50-$250

Appointments for color require a consultation with the dog present. At that time we will discuss the desired color and desired effect. We can choose a media to work with and discuss the aftercare of the colored coat.

I work with chalk, spray, semi-permanent and permanent dyes to give you the greatest possibilities. Each technique has a different outcome.

Professional Coat Coloring