Grooming spa Packages

All Dog Spa Packages Include:

Nail Care

Ear Care

Anal Gland Care

Breed-Appropriate Brushing for Coat

Skin Check

Tooth Brushing

The Quickie $20- 10 minutes
The Quickie is the perfect solution for the dog who needs a touch up but no bath.  We use a waterless shampoo to quickly deodorize your pets coat and help reduce dander. We trim the face, feet and sanitary areas and any fly away hairs disturbing the outline of your pets coat.  We use the Furminator (R) deshedding tool for pets who will benefit from a light deshedding.

The Dirty dog- $25-$35 - 1 hour
Drop off your dirty dog for a one hour spa treatment that includes a deep cleaning hydro massage with  one of our invigorating house shampoos,  including several hypoallergenic choices. 

The Renew- $35 to $50 - 1 to 1 1/2 hours
When just a bath is not enough, we offer the refresh package in two forms
1. A deshedding experience for dogs with undercoat that starts with a hydrating shampoo that loosens all the debris and dead hair, followed by a deep conditioning to rejuvenate the skin and follicles. The undercoat is gently raked out then the entire body is carded using the Furminator (R).
2. A fluff-out package for dog with permanent coats that begins with a coat appropriate shampoo to enhance the condition of your pets coat followed by a weightless conditioner. The coat is then fluffed  and combed.

The Refresh- $35 to $75 - about 90 minutes
The Refresh is perfect for dogs who need a trim but do not need length taken off their body. The bathing experience contains either a deshedding or fluff out  using an appropriate shampoo and rinse. We than  trim of the face, feet, sanitary areas, feathers and outline.  This package is very popular with Golden Retrievers, Pomeranians, and other long haired breeds who need trimming around the edges to look their best.

The urban dog-$50 to $150 - about 2 hours
The Urban dog is the traditional grooming package consisting of a hydro massage bathing experience followed by a breed specific or custom hair styling from tip to tail.  Trimming is done with clippers and scissors and sculpted beautifully into a style that fits your pooch.
2 hours for most breeds

The Westminster-$75 to $250 - 3-5 hours
For show prospects or dogs who want to look like a show dog, we offer the Westminster package by special appointment for many breeds.
1. For wire coated terriers who need to be stripped by hand, we offer coat stripping according to breed standards for show prospects and a "stripping light" for pets that includes clipping of the sanitary and hand thinning of the  flatwork to maximize the look but minimize the pain.  Hand stripped terriers can be bathed upon request at no extra charge.

2. For sporting breeds who need to be stripped, we offer hand stripping and  coat sculpting according to current show ring trends. Sporting dogs who are stripped are shampooed and conditioned with Iv San Bernard's Banana line or Atami's Gingko and Ginseng line to encourage a smooth flowing coat and inhibit matting.
3. Long Haired dogs are bathed in Iv San Bernard's Poma Verde line, Sculpted by hand with shears. Smooth coated dogs are bathed and conditioned fully using Iv San Bernard's Lemon or Banana line depending on texture, and shears are used to remove each stray hair until a tidy and show quality outline remains.

The Knotty dog - $75 to $250
Dog who are significantly matted but whose owners have a strong desire to salvage the coat, may  be eligible for this package, upon consultation. The entire coat is dematted using matt splitters, combs, brushes and shears.  This package includes a bath experience using the most appropriate products to loosen the matts and rebuild the damaged coat. The coat is then styled according to specification. Only dogs whose coat we feel can be safely salvaged and who have the temperament for such an undertaking will be eligible for this package.  Some dogs may take more than one appointment to complete.
time based on work to be done


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