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To us, dogs are much more than pets. Besides being fellow travelers on this precious planet, they are celebrated and trusted companions who deserve everything they need, and just about everything they want. We spoil our dogs and hope you do too and we are here to help. At phillydogspot, we want to provide access the things your dog NEEDS while providing a way to avoid the common stressers that accompany them.

Do-it-yourself dog bathing includes everything you need to safely, easily and thoroughly bathe your dog. Using our raised professional tub is easier on your back and legs and we supply all professional tools and high quality products. Our house shampoos are environmentally friendly and gentle.

Dirty Dog drop off service gives you the freedom of staying dry while we do the work! Have your dog bathed professionally while you explore the surrounding shops and scenery or hang out with your dog for moral support.

Our Dog Spa packages are all inclusive, we don't charge more for basic things like tooth-brushing and anal glands. We don't use kennels, pesticides, drugs or force. Since all grooming is done strait through, most dogs are finished in less than 2 hours. Our grooming shampoos are all biodegradable and upon request we have a soap-free hypoallergenic bathing option.

As owners of a dog with severe allergies, we understand the importance of high quality treats that even dogs with sensitive tummies can enjoy. We are very careful when choosing treats to offer for sale to your pets.
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